Garden Life

Snake in the Garden

This camera shy guy has made daily appearances around the garden for the past week or so.  I am pretty sure it is a California Kingsnake.  According to my internet research, they are docile critters that can make nice pets.  They are highly resistant to viper venom and often make a meal of rattlesnakes.  Sounded like a good addition to my garden, so I let him be.  Unfortunately today he decided to come out of the garden and trek across the yard.  Sugar (rowdy St. Bernard mutt) noticed him before I did and attacked.  She grabbed the snake and tossed it into the air before I could contain her.

The snake wriggled around a bit, curled up and hid it’s face.  DSC03827
I thought she had killed the poor thing.  Eventually, with the dog housed he did uncover his face.

dog puncture






Sugar did a number on this guy, puncturing his side.

The snake slithered away and hid in a weedy aloe vera bed about 100 feet away.  And then we saw it a couple of hours later going back into the garden on the other side of the acre.  So, maybe he will be OK.  There isn’t much on the internet about care for a snake bit by dog… search just turned up care for dogs bit by snakes.  Well the dog is fine, not so sure about the snake.

I got these pictures as he rounded the garage, they will give you an idea of his length.  He is probably a little over 4 feet.  Beautiful huh?



With a little luck, I will see him around the garden soon.  Hopefully he will stay in the garden and not go back into dog territory.


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