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Procrastinating in the Garden

There is a bright & beautiful California King snake living in my garden.  Since they are suppose to eat rattlers, I have decided to let him stay. Yes, it freaks me out a bit, but hoping to get more comfortable as time goes by.   For the past week, I have been trying to get a picture of him.  He’s fast though and disappears before I get my camera.  This morning I pledged to keep the camera with me all day and keep an eye out for him.  He never showed and I played photographer all day, making no progress in the garden.

 It was a pleasant day and I find the pictures inspiring.  So I have decided to create this little blog in an attempt to remain inspired and record my progress.  I want this year’s garden to be my best!!

Last Weeks accomplishments DSC03799

I deconstructed an old box spring to make a little raised strawberry bed and border for my lemon tree.  The strawberries are looking a little wilted, but misting them daily and hoping for the best.  I think I need to trim them back a bit so the plant can concentrate on new growth without the stress of keeping the wilted leaves alive. DSC03798

These poor roses got totally butchered.  They were so overgrown that I had to prune them back to about half of what they were.  Not the best job, but it is done.  Now the strawberries, east of the roses can get some sun and the snake can’t hide here anymore.


This was project that I put off for too long.  A rotten redwood trellis had let my grapes down and instead of replacing it with another, I decided to upcycle some metal off of an old futon and create a new trellis.  The grapes should have been pruned this winter, but of course I procrastinated too long, now they are starting to fruit.  The other side of the arbor is going to be tricky, but needs to be done soon.

I gave the pomegranates some well needed attention, got some plants in, did a bit of weeding and started my container potatoes. DSC03818






Projects for another DDSC03806ay

More overgrown roses need pruning….or maybe just totally removed?  Not sure yet, it is part of my snakes habitat.


Bermuda grass aka hell!!    It is a little gift from an attempt at straw bale gardening. For the past 2 years I have removed it all and it just keeps coming back.  I stopped watering this part of the garden last August to kill off the grass.  But heavy winter rains have made this year worse than ever before.   The monster weed is a desert broom that has to come out as well as the dead cukes and luffa that are clinging to the fence.  I am seriously considering just putting down a thick layer of cardboard and creating raised beds over this whole part of the garden.  My heart just sinks every time I look at this mess.

What to do with a massive pile of rose prunings?  Too wet to burn & too thorny to bag.

Broody Blue Rock:DSC03821  This little girl is 5 or 6 years old and probably doesn’t even lay any more.  But she still tries to hatch the other hens eggs.  Collecting the eggs totally ruined her day (she cried).

I am off!!  Have a great day!!

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